Hi. I'm Ann-Christin Heim.

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Happiness is...

"Go the extra mile - it's never crowded."

"Spread kindness like confetti"

"Infuse your day with magic."

"In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take."

"The way to be happy is to make others so."

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About me

“You really must love to study” is what I hear time and time again. Indeed, my passion for learning underpins almost everything that I do. Aside from being enrolled in two master’s degrees and training to be a coach at the same time, I try to attend as many conferences and workshops as my schedule allows. I owe this love for life-long learning and constant self-improvement to my mom who is my major role model and a daily inspiration to me.

I also have this weird passion for editing books. For years, I couldn’t admit this to myself as I always wanted to be a writer (and I am but that’s another story) but I simply love to help others to improve their written work. Over the years, I had the pleasure to read and edit the work of many talented writers and students. I am especially proud of having edited four books as well as numerous articles and theses. Language has always been my thing and I rarely leave the house without one or two books in my bag.

Aside from being passionate about reading, learning and editing, there are a few people and things that inspire and challenge me daily to be my best possible self.

My dog, Ella, taught me patience. She makes it very clear that everyone has his or her own pace of learning and even tough her motto seems to be “going nowhere fast”, her learning curve is exceptionally slow. She also taught me how to trust and that it is possible to love deeply with every piece of your heart even though it has been broken many times.

My friends and family taught me what is truly important in life. After years of making my academic career top priority and celebrating each and every success alone, I realized that Christopher Peterson had a point in saying “other people matter”. Oh, they do! Even though my schedule is more packed than ever, family is everything to me nowadays. I owe everything I am today to my amazing tribe.

Yoga taught me focus. You’ll find me on my mat each and every single day. From this life-changing practise, I learned the beauty of being a beginner again. I also learned that you can’t be courageous without falling down from time to time, and that – even tough I am not yet where I want to be – I am exactly where I need to be.

Skills and Interests

Positive Psychology 85%

Organizational Psychology 65%

Health Psychology 70%

Diagnostics 60%

Editorial Skills 95%

Yoga 90%

Mindfulness 80%

Stress Management 75%


Foundations in Positive Psychology - distinction
Advanced Positive Psychology: Theory and Practice - distinction
Research Methods and Dissertation I + II

Master thesis: A systematic review of quantitative studies on spiritual interventions


Managament Consultation, Team Building, Coaching, Leadership Development, Human Ressources Development, Employee Selection, Health Management.

Final grade: 1,2

Master thesis: Conceptualization and Evaluation of a one-day Stress Mindset Intervention for Apprentices in the Hotel and Catering Industry (1,0)


Clinical Psychology, Business Psychology, Media Psychology & Communication.

Final grade: 1,2

Bachelor thesis: Theoretical and Methodological Problems of Gifted Identification (1,0)

Happiness is...

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